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My name is Joan Walters. I come from Aberdeen, UK and I worked as a chef in the past. But, I began my journey around the world in March 2017.

First I began my travel journey in Paris alone. Next, I moved to Istanbul for 1 year. After Istanbul, Turkey, I decided to go on a journey to Texas, US for a few years. Later on, I went to California for less than a year.

For more than a year, Houston, US became my home. I go home to Aberdeen twice a year to spend time with my friends and my family.

The last but not least, I have been working online with some of my friends(as contributor) since in April 2018, I started my work as a travel blogger. Learn the best travel experience here!

I hope you enjoy my writing on this blog, The name of the site itself always reminds me of my favorite BnB in Europe.