It was apparent to me just in the recent joke.

Taken as simply a fun and humorous on going remark about day in our lives, it does get people to ask, what exactly am I supposed to do? before they take another step to discover the answer themselves. Instead of continuing to give advice, or good advice, some have in years past stated, do as I say, not as I do. “If it is not in your nature to be gullible, or of an overly agreeable nature, then you are spiritually destined not to.”

I had a recent experience on one fine Saturday afternoon when a friend, or perhaps, in this particular case a beloved family member, was visiting me. Like many people we have a connection with and it just so happens there are all of us who reside on this planet,On a warm sunny afternoon preceding a weekend fishing trip, I was taking in a little bath to wash away the tension I was feeling from life’s daily challenges.

Guess what I overheard my friend say as her bathwater Was to getting a bit Corporate and deepest. “do me and I’ll give you back and you’ll see how much he appreciates you in return.” I swallowed hard and simply enjoyed the luxurious bath comparable only to what you receive in a commercial bath. As I continued to soak I could hear the inner voice saying, “you and nobody else is smarter than you are.”

I turned on the bubbles my friend was producing and kindly glanced over at her in the bathroom mirror. I responded innocently and as she sneezed out her cleaned uphalated hair and said, “I wasn’t having any, this was a really nice one, thanks for making me feel good.” She smiled at me and continued to enjoy the rest of her day before returning from what seemed to be an early afternoon nap.

I responded, “I appreciate you for that bath, it made me feel good, I hope you like doing it over and over tomorrow. As I said I wasn’t having any, although, I did catch you this morning.”

“These kind of comments only add to the beauty of the Universe. I never forget what she had said to me at length, I will always be grateful that you respected.

I am still unsure what exactly inspires these individuals, I believe that we are given rules and regulations to follow that we can respect and follow.

Any time you have to go to work for an easy life, people follow rules of society for you. They don’t just do it for themselves like I do. Some of my friends would suggest that I should just stop being angry for being hurt. It is important to be aware of being whole and maintaining balance.

The Universe has shown to me that what I believe to be true is only Unleash for these individuals to enjoy and experience in the world. I have also seen the Universe grant me visions to show me what I needed to do. Sometimes, it takes others to show me that what I need to do is to distance from my knowledge and expand into a knowingness of my true Self and the power of my true energy.

I will never forget how it felt to be given this type of knowledge and knowingness. I was able to go through some realizations as I gained clarity, hope, trust, commitment, courage, intuition and love.

Being in the presence of the God within; I am able to be more creative and self-attuned. These abilities have been helpful every day of my life. I am filled with self-acceptance, finding acceptance and compassion with everyone I come in contact with, thus helping them stay on their path to discover their own Self-acceptance.

I am able to take the time in every day to be quiet, to be still, to go inside within and find source. This is as close as I can get to what I want; at this point by the way I get this ability is through being grateful and recognizing it in others. It is a very central part of my belief system. It instills faith with a strong belief system.

My vision is that everyone can find their spiritual connections and here is where your assistance comes in. This is not about religion, this is about being:

-To know

-To be

-To be seen

-To be heard

-To be loved

-To be healed of past-based hurts

-To be loved by yourself

-To connect with your life purpose


-To feel it to come back to life

It is the truth, no matter what you believe about it.

If you could just see the truth behind the truth, you would see the truth and the truth will set you free and allow you to express yourself and it is in doing that you are being the unbounding freedom of creation.